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2021 City Council Meeting Calendar

The City Clerk’s Office is the front-line interface with local government and city residents. The City Clerk is the Custodian of Records for the City of San Bruno and acts as the City’s Election Official, responsible for all General and Special Municipal Elections. The City Clerk is the Legislative Auditor for the City of San Bruno, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council. The City Clerk is supported by a Deputy City Clerk, and together their duties include:

Custodian of the City of San Bruno Seal
Administration of City Council Meetings
Meeting Minutes
Maintenance of the Municipal Code 
Administration of the City’s Records Management Program 
Filing of FPPC Commission Forms
Public Records Act Requests 
Commissions, Boards and Committees Management
Processing Claim Forms 
Execution of City Contract and Agreements
Public Bid Openings
Proclamation and Certificate Preparation
Administration of Oaths of Office or Affirmations
Certification of Foreign Pension (Proof of Living)

If you would like to receive email notifications for City Council meeting agendas, as well as agenda notifications for Commissions, Boards and Committees, or to submit a Public Records Request, please contact Melissa Thurman, City Clerk at

Useful Links:
City Council Agendas and Minutes
Do Not Knock Registry Form

Public Portal for Financial Disclosure Documents (NetFile)

Claims Form
Commissions, Boards and Committees
Fair Political Practices Commission
Municipal Code


City of San Bruno
City Clerks Office

567 El Camino Real
 San Bruno, California 94066

Melissa Thurman, MMC
City Clerk
(650) 616-7070

Vicky Hasha
Deputy City Clerk
(650) 616-7071

Fax: (650) 589-5941

Melissa Thurman, MMC
City Clerk